Bartho Janse van Rensburg – Omnicom Media Group

I hereby confirm that we have conducted business with Pezulu Outdoor for the greater part of the last seven years.

Historically, and given the nature of the “Out of Home” Advertising environment we have come across some less ethical suppliers, but this is not the case with Pezulu Outdoor. Since our earlier dealings, it was clear that Pezulu Outdoor was committed to delivering a quality product at competitive prices.

Pezulu Outdoor over the years proved that they offer some of the best service levels in the business and this in turn gave us comfort to know that they also have our Clients’, the Advertisers, best interests at heart – a quality that makes for a successful business relationship.

We look forward to working with Pezulu Outdoor in 2015 to offer our Clients superior Out Of Home Advertising solutions.