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About Us

Pezulu Outdoor (Pty) Ltd was established from the demands of clients willing to extend the marketing of their brands, products and services into semi-urban, urban and rural areas within the boundaries of South Africa, and beyond. The client together with Pezulu Outdoor (Pty) Ltd, manage extensive research in all the areas in order to obtain the maximum exposure, taking into account all the relevant legislation regulating the outdoor advertising industry.


  • Outdoor plays a vital role in the media mix, not only to gain the exposure for the brand/product or service, but also by up weighting advertising campaigns in existing and new developing areas where access to other mediums is not that high.
  • Outdoor offers outstanding value for money.
  • Outdoor allows you to walk creative into new areas, saving advertisers on production costs.
  • Outdoor allows you to speak directly to your target audience. Today’s consumer is always on the go, spending fewer hours at home and more and more time on the road. It is imperative that advertisers look beyond the usual media plan and consider the impact, power and reach of Outdoor Advertising.


  • Quick return on advertising investment
  • Media Mix Reinforcement
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Specific Market Penetration
  • Reaches audience while they are in the marketplace
  • Dominant Market Presence
  • Cannot be turned off or put down
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Quick Placement
  • Co-op advertising support
  • BIG visual excitement and impact
  • Walking the creative